New for 2016

This year, we are planning some major improvements and enhancements to our system and services to meet the changing needs of our clients.   These will roll out throughout the year, but for right now they include:

  • ANDROID 2.  This upgraded app will add flexibility and more options for users, and is scheduled to be rolling soon. Key features include the ability to add more drop down menus (question options) and signature, among others.  Our tech and sales team will be pleased to share the new options this system will offer.  Importantly, this upgrade is automatically included in all current and new clients sign-ups up to this month.
  • SALES & TECH TEAM.  Joining our produce-trained sales managers will be an expanding team of tech/training personnel. They will help  ensure that any small glitch you may have or troubleshooting needed will be resolved with a quick phone call or email to our Customer Support team.  Thankfully, most of these issues have been very minor — in most cases a matter of an input key or something easily talked through over the phone — but the important thing to know is we have boots on the ground, ready to help.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM. An ideal adjunct to our Food Safety application, this program will be launched Q2 this year and promises to make grower management, receiving and load quality control a thing of simplicity and beauty.  More about this innovative addition to  our line-up soon!
  • USEFUL LINKS.  We want to ensure you are up on the changing regulations and systems that affect your food safety and quality control operations.  We will post these links for documents or videos as part of our Home page news, in addition to featuring interview and insights from food safety and quality control experts we talk to.  As well, we will post “success stories” from current users, including tips and tutorials on how you can maximize your CONTINUUM experience.

Be sure to check back often to learn about what else is in store for this exciting new year!



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