Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs posted here reflect the inquiries of our new clients and users.  We appreciate their input, and will update as needed:

Q: What is the CONTINUUM system?
A:  The CONTINUUM perishables industry system is a series of software modules designed to replace and enhance food safety and quality control (QC) plus other produce operation logs and records from the field and warehouse.  The name implies “continuity”, plus assurance that records are kept properly and consistently for inspections and audits.

Q:  How does it make my operations more efficient, better?
A.  By eliminating paper records, binders, log books, etc.  there is no lost information in case of missing paper, a fire that burns your facilities, for example, or just inaccurate record-keeping.

Q:  Does it take a lot of time to use?
A:  On the contrary, CONTINUUM saves substantial time by providing easy check-off response systems that eliminate hand written answers and possible confusion in interpretation.  In several cases, our clients save one third or more man-hours spent generating paper logs.

Q:  How does it work? Is it easy to learn?
A.  The program is available on your desktop, laptop, table or mobile.  Typically, warehouse managers use a laptop or mobile device to upload the information, which can then be reviewed later on a desktop or laptop.  Personnel can be trained in English and or Spanish in a matter of minutes and be up and running in no time.

Q:  Is there a danger of missing information or forgetting to report something that is out of compliance?
A:  The system has built-in checks points to force the user to describe corrective actions, ensuring that no reporting topics are left out or incompletely logged.  These checks send out an “email alert” to the staff members you designate to receive the alerts, so that you and the appropriate staff members are aware which areas need attention.

Q:  What if there are personnel out in the field, a warehouse, or other area without Internet service?
A:  No problem:  The CONTINUUM Android application allows personnel to simply log the information into the Android application, then when the Android device has internet service, you simply press a key to upload the logged information.  After the information has been uploaded, you can read the logs and generate reports.

Q:  How does this process work with my required Primus or other third-party audits?
A:  The CONTINUUM logs are accepted by major food safety auditors as a useful adjunct to your regular reports, in fact, CONTINUUM’s reports are easier for them to review.  Audits and any regulatory investigations take much less time and effort using these records.

Q:  Does this program cost a lot?
A:  CONTINUUM is one of the lower-costs systems commercially available.  That’s why it is ideal for small to medium size businesses that cannot afford nor need complex systems and/or expensive consultants.  There are no “hidden” hardware or costs:  you pay a one-time setup fee and a small monthly maintenance fee, which includes updates and technical support.   Also, you can demo the program for up to 30 days at no cost and obligation.

 Q: How can CONTINUUM help my business grow?
A:  First, by eliminating paper logs and saving your business time recording the food safety logs.  Secondly, you can use the data to generate trend reports, showing continuous improvement in your operations to your customers.  This makes it a sound business development tool and a clear competitive advantage.




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