Going from paper to digital


Change is typically unwelcome at the workplace, especially when the same routine has been followed for a long time.  That is often the case when employees are asked to change from paper logs to digital records.

However, we have found that they soon see the time and money-savings the CONTINUUM system provides.  Importantly, they don’t have to modify policies or procedures already implemented…

Continuum3One of the most appreciated features of the CONTINUUM program are the summary reports where, at a quick glance, owners and managers can review performance of their food safety protocols and the quality condition of incoming loads, sharing this data with partners and employees (Click Continuum QC Summary Eng here to see a sample of one these commodity reports in English…..now see it in Spanish: Continuum QC Summary Esp.  Each report will be customized to YOUR needs.)

Better yet, the system benefited several personnel at the company at once by delivering tools to make their jobs easier or better.

Here are some comments they made:

“The prompts were easy to follow and allowed me to complete the logging procedures in a matter of hours instead of the full day it sometimes took.” — Warehouse manager, distributor

“Our audits went very smoothly and quickly because we had all the data entered and organized.”  — President, grower/shipper

I wear many hats and have more time to dedicate to other functions now.” — QC/Food Safety Manager, distributor

“This is a useful tool for discussions with our growers and customers about [the condition] of loads received.” — CEO, distributor

I like the idea of having the trend reports so I can see how we are improving in our practices, especially when planning for a new season. — CEO, brokerage



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