About Continuum

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“>CONTINUUM delivers record-keeping solutions from the field to your warehouse. 

From grower to distributor operations, our line of business software and service ensures  your operations you are audit and inspection-ready at a moment’s notice.

Developed by JGE Software, Inc., CONTINUUM was launched in response to our produce consulting clients’ needs for electronic vs. paper logs, resulting in permanent and accurate records that would help ensure regulatory and third-party audit compliance.

Our headquarters are on the border of U.S. and Mexico,  the #1 entry port for imported produce.  This gives us the unique knowledge and accessibility to industry trends, government agencies and warehouses for developing systems that are relevant and realistic.  Perhaps most important for our clients:  we provide instant troubleshooting and personal service.

CONTINUUM currently addresses  FOOD SAFETY, QUALITY CONTROL and CRISIS MANAGEMENT/RECALL logs…and more, as we are continuously developing new applications to meet our clients’needs.

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CONTINUUM removes the risk of paper logs and provides you with peace of mind about your operations, while providing these key benefits:

  • Web-based (cloud) platform:  no installation; no lost memory sticks or CDs
  • Easy to learn and use:  run in just a few hours’ set-up
  • Use on desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone
  • Bilingual English/Spanish
  • Comprehensive reports and trend analyses in minutes
  • Use on or offline; ideal for field or warehouse
  • Includes updates and tech support
  • Cost-effective and efficient:  cutting labor costs by up to 30%