Continuum Critical Points


In today’s fast-paced perishables industry, accurate record-keeping is critical in case of possible PACA or shipment disputes, regulatory/third-party audits and — worst-case scenario — a contamination outbreak or product recall.  Our Food Safety application means peace-of-mind to you and your employees.

For day-to-day operations, our Quality Assurance program allows you to easily track the condition of each shipment and communicate with your grower, other suppliers and customers instantly.  Immediate trend reports means you can measure your current and plan your new season. 

In short, our products put you firmly in control of your business!

Trusting your recordkeeping and operational procedures to  CONTINUUM means:

  • Consistent and continual records in case an employee goes on vacation, gets sick or leaves: anyone can take over and maintain them
  • Immediate, date-accurate, permanent records of your operations over time, from wherever you are and whenever you go
  • Trend information about your good practices you can share with customers to your benefit
  • In case of a product contamination/outbreak, your operations can be easily reviewed by authorities and, hopefully, quickly cleared of responsibility, with no shut-downs.

CONTINUUM programs monitor the following critical points, among others:

  • Sanitation:
    • Interior plant/warehouse
    • Ground/outside/parking areas
    • Offices/kitchens/lunch/conference rooms
    • Restrooms
    • Product wash lines/sampling/testing tables
    • Cleaning supplies/cloths
    • Random inspections of workers (i.e. gloves, masks, etc)
  • Environmental/Pest control/Microbiological
  • Facility maintenance/repairs
  • Remodeling affects on existing facilities
  • Water quality/treatment/drainage
  • Waste and garbage handling
  • Equipment calibration
  • Supplies/materials inventory
  • Storage temperature controls
  • Arrival product/identification
  • Transport/truck conditions/inspections
  • Visitor logs
  • Customer issues/complaints
  • USDA –pre-inspection checklists
  • HACCP compliance checklist
  • Worker training and education
  • Quality control parameters
  • Crisis management/recall checklists